Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Sick sick sick

So i know that i havent been around lately to write a blog but my household has been sick sick sick!!! Im pretty sure this household has been sick for at least! a month.. Sigh, Anyway This blog is to inform all the parents out there an AMAZING trick i learned about the kids when they are sick. Its going to sound completely bonkers. When i heard people say they did this to their kids i seriously thought these people were crazy but after listening to my daughter cough non-stop for 2 days i was willing to try anything. I couldnt make out if her cough was asthma related or she just had a cough, So after using the inhalers and not getting a change i thought i would give one last thing a try and if she was still having coughing fits every 2 minutes then i was taking her to the doctors. Okay..... Here it is.. I put a generous amount of VICKS on her feet (yes! who would have thought!) and put socks on her while she was in bed. Not only did she NOT cough one time last night, she has very rarely coughed today!!!!  My mind is blown.