Sunday, 6 March 2011

Pass the salt please

We went out for breakfast this morning which inspired this blog. What we do to keep the kids occupied during meals out. Now we don't go out to eat very often and sometimes when we do if its a last minute decision i'm usually kicking myself in the butt for not being prepared. Some things i try to keep in my purse on a regular basis for the kids, little things to keep them busy. I usually ALWAYS have a pack of crayons in there and a small note pad/scrap paper...what kid doesn't like to color right? I think i have a couple dinky cars in there as well. Anyway nothing is more frustrating to a parent then trying to sit down and eat while your kids are running around.. having these things with me all the time ensures that i usually have something to occupy these guys for at least a small amount of time before i can come up with something else. Just a small tip. :)

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  1. Someone once told me that having a small blow up beach ball was the greatest thing she ever carried with her. Just an idea.