Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sweet Dreams

Those of you who have been following my status' on facebook know that my number one struggle lately has been bedtime with E. When my son was younger i don't remember this ever being a problem. I remember he would sleep all the time.. and still to this day enjoys sleeping. The first thing i've learned very fast with my daughter is to stick to a routine. Stay with a bedtime and do the same thing over and over. I know it seems like common sense but its very easy to start feeling like what your doing isn't working.. I've tried just about everything i can think of and even what some of you have suggested, what i've googled and at this point it seems like NOTHING has worked. Some suggestions to those of you out there who maybe need some ideas 
1. Bath about an hour before bed with nighttime bubbles/lotion 
2.Soothing music/noises in the bedroom
3. Warm milk
4.Dim the lights early, read a book and have a "calm time" before bed
That's just a few suggestions to start with. At one point i was doing every one of those with my daughter and it just wasn't catching. So if its not working .. your not alone.. believe me.
There has been one thing i've noticed when it comes to bedtime that seems to work the best , but is very frustrating, time consuming and WILL wear you out. Just keep putting them back in bed. Yes it seems like common sense... But from personal experience at night sometimes i'm putting my daughter back into bed for 2 hours or more, it gets very frustrating and very hard not to get mad.. But the more i found myself getting mad the more i noticed it was taking her longer to fall asleep. I make sure the first time i go in there im very stern with my voice "go to sleep,stay in bed (hugs,kisses) Anytime after that Silence. Just go in there, take them by the hand, walk them back to bed and leave. At first she thinks its pretty funny (which just fuels my frustration) but after 3 or 4 times she knows mommy isn't kidding around anymore. I do not have this perfected yet by any means, this is still a huge work in progress. I've noticed that going in there and talking or demanding she stay in bed was getting nowhere and just making me mad. Kill them with kindness. The more i am calm and very stern but soft with my voice the faster she gets that, this IS bedtime. Ive also noticed that half hour outside does WONDERS just before bed.. A little fresh air, a small walk around the block.. whatever. Every time i've done the fresh air thing about an hour before bed its usually less time i spend placing her back into bed. I hope some of this helps because i know this whole bedtime thing can get a little crazy and time consuming, You will get through this, you will find something that works.. It may seem impossible but just remember the phrase " kill them with kindness" It really helps to keep a level head. I keep trying to remind myself this wont be a problem in a few more years. Stick with it guys!

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